Jewels in the Garden

“Finding Jewels”
watercolor on paper

Near my parents’ home there is an overgrown garden. Years ago my daughter and her cousins discovered that someone had hidden little round glass “jewels” tucked under leaves, half-buried in the dirt. This painting depicts one of their hunts, intently searching for these precious shiny treasures.

Last Light in Laguna Canyon

I love painting in Laguna Beach. The canyons and hills are just as inspiring as the coast. This afternoon I was attracted to how rich the colors in the shadow were and how the last light illuminated just the crest of the hill and the distant mountain.

A photo of the same view clearly shows how a representational painting does more than just copy a scene. The artist translates the physical world through his or her own vision and communicates something (hopefully) truer, more focused, and more personal than a copyist.