Recent Paintings and Places


I’ve been working hard in the last month to practice, practice, practice!  These are new paintings created on location up and down the coast from Laguna Beach to Santa Barbara. Things I’m working on lately: accurate values, interesting compositions, honest color, and painting as communication (what do I want to convey?).

{Shadow of the Rock at Inspiration Point I, 12×9, oil on linen, SOLD}



{Warm Grays at the Back Bay, 6×12, oil on linen, AVAILABLE}


{Last Light at Hendry’s Beach, 9×12, oil on linen, SOLD}

{Summerland Cliffs, 8×10, oil on linen, SOLD}



{Aliso Evening, 12×9, oil on linen, AVAILABLE}



{Back Bay Blues, 6×6, oil on linen, AVAILABLE}