Spring in the Eastern Sierras {Painting with Frank Serrano}

This spring I traveled to the Alabama Hills in the Eastern Sierras for a painting adventure with
master plein air painter Frank Serrano.


{The view of sunrise on Mt. Whitney from my hotel parking lot.}

Frank demonstrated painting the backlit mountains, horses, and hay bales,

focusing on seeing correct values–something I’m eager to learn!

{Frank finishing up his demo.}

Later he added a horse and figure in the studio.

Below is the finished piece which he will use as an idea for a larger painting. It was such a valuable experience to see his process moving from plein air sketch to studio.

 {Frank Serrano’s finished sketch.}

{My first painting of the weekend.}

{Late afternoon light on the Sierras}

 {View from my easel.}

The Alabama Hills are a beautiful, austere place and the weekend was filled with good company and great instruction. Thanks Frank!


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