Grand Canyon Views

 Over Spring Break, our family took a trip out to Arizona. We spent a few days exploring the beautiful landscapes of Northern California from the Grand Canyon and Slide Rock in Sedona to the Cliff Dwellings called Motezuma’s Castle.

 And I had the chance to set up my gear and paint a few of the glorious views.

{View from my easel.}

I could spend months painting the light and shadow on those red rocks–so beautiful.

{The finished painting.}

Summer’s almost here and I’m looking forward to more painting adventures up and down the coast. I’m so thankful to live so near to wide open spaces–the atmospheric light of the the West is so inspiring!

Spring in the Eastern Sierras {Painting with Frank Serrano}

This spring I traveled to the Alabama Hills in the Eastern Sierras for a painting adventure with
master plein air painter Frank Serrano.


{The view of sunrise on Mt. Whitney from my hotel parking lot.}

Frank demonstrated painting the backlit mountains, horses, and hay bales,

focusing on seeing correct values–something I’m eager to learn!

{Frank finishing up his demo.}

Later he added a horse and figure in the studio.

Below is the finished piece which he will use as an idea for a larger painting. It was such a valuable experience to see his process moving from plein air sketch to studio.

 {Frank Serrano’s finished sketch.}

{My first painting of the weekend.}

{Late afternoon light on the Sierras}

 {View from my easel.}

The Alabama Hills are a beautiful, austere place and the weekend was filled with good company and great instruction. Thanks Frank!

California Impressionism: Plein Air Painting Past and Present

I’m honored to have two paintings included in this beautiful show.

The exhibition will be open through July 4th. Hope you can make it!

Click here for more info.

Huntington Beach Art Center presents California Impressionism: Plein Air Painting, Past and Present, an exhibition for art-lovers who also love Impressionist painting. The bold color, bravura brushwork, and “captured light” of this historical and contemporary artistic movement have captivated audiences on the West Coast since the turn of the twentieth century. The Southern California community will now have an opportunity to view paintings of historical masters, as well as purchase those of contemporary painters who are inspired by light, nature, climate, and creative fellowship.  The Huntington Beach Art Center will open its doors to give viewers a glimpse of a group of artists united across history through their love of subject and their passion to paint outdoors en plein air. “Our vision for this show is to present to the public an exhibition that they’ve never before seen, that is beautiful, historical, educational, and spectacular,” Director of the HBAC, Kate Hoffman notes.

This exhibition will have a dual focus. On one hand, it will feature masterworks of painters who were inspired by this area in the early decades of the 20th century; enough to move here, build here, and start a colony of artists known today as the city of Laguna Beach. Alongside those works, the exhibition will also feature the creations of a select group of artists from the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA), many of whom live in California, and all of whom have painted within the State. The Art Center has invited both Signature and Artist members of LPAPA, whose works you see in galleries, magazines, competitions, exhibitions, and shows across the country.

California Impressionism: Plein Air Painting Past and Present

Wow–exciting news! I’m honored that these paintings will be included in the “California Impressionism: Plein Air Painting Past & Present” exhibition presented by the Huntington Beach Art Center in collaboration with LPAPA and the Irvine Museum.The show will feature work from some of my great artistic inspirations–William Wendt, Edgar Payne, and Guy Rose.  (Amazing!)


Back Bay Blues


oil on linen


Shadow of the Rock


oil on linen


I’m humbled be a part of a show with paintings from artists (both historical and contemporary) I admire so much. Hope you can get out to see this unique display of California plein air work!

May 1st — July 4th at the Huntington Beach Art Center